Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It Had Better Not Be Mono

Husband had pharyngitis and not tonsillitis as previously suspected. Poor guy was so miserable, he had to give in and pop over to the GP next door. He was there two minutes and he was back home several hundred pesos poorer and clutching a prescription for Augmentin and some N-word pain reliever (doctor's penmanship, legible only to pharmacists). Augmentin (80 pesos a pop!) was enough to break our bank, but his sore throat was gone by the following day. I bet turmeric (a natural antibiotic, plenty of which we have at home) capsules would have done the trick as well, but whatever. I can't blame Husband for wanting the "zapped" kind of relief as he's very much consumed by work, which, btw, missed him so much, it had solicitously (haha, I kill me sometimes) hounded him at the time of sickness and on a weekend(!). Anyway, how sweet *snort*.
On to something lovelier. Marguerite is developing a strong affinity with dirt. They're getting to be such great friends. My baby smells like an actual child now (sweat, sun, and other scents picked up in day-long fun). O, ye days of sweet baby smell are truly departed... Lovely, eh?
Same toddler woke up at 11am yesterday morning. She had missed her afternoon nap the day before and had replaced those hours of restful slumber with hyperactivity and crazy tantrums (we weren't home and she was too disoriented to go down for a nap). She had zonked out during the car ride home, woke up when we got to the house and stayed awake until midnight. We're nurturing good daily habits around here. Tomorrow, couch potato classes with all-day TV and bowls of chips and pitchers of soda and endless bags of trans fat... In case it's not obvious, I'm kidding. The agenda today is to wreak havoc at the church's DVBS. Look out, you teenage volunteer DVBS teachers! :-D
PS. Did somebody get Saturday's or Sunday's Manila Bulletin? I have no idea if my babywearing article has already come out? I could ask the editor, but this is crunch time for her and isn't it just easier to pose this query to the internetz, like something rhetorical and be surprised if somebody really cares to answer?