Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Am Finally Withdrawing My Money from Paypal

For a time my Paypal account continued passively accepting payment, but I finally added a local bank account (I was actually waiting for the Paypal people to approve sending money out to a dollar account without converting to the local currency, but who knows when or if that's ever going to happen), withdrew money into it and the process worked. I was convinced I would bungle it somewhere and I'd be fined for the error because that's just the kind of thing that would happen to me. But I actually did it right! Anyway, it took months of vacillation and hunting up the local bank codes (your bank probably won't know it - mine went, "What is Paypal?" - and you can't find it on the Paypal site, no matter how creative you are with their Help and Search features). I finally googled for the answer and found out that it was on an eBay page.
Anyway, I also wanted to share this site. Those in the US will probably get more out of it than I do. It's a site that lists freebies that you can get for your kids. Most of them require an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope), which isn't very practical for me, living in the Philippines. I don't like all that SASE business. Remember the time that you needed to do this to submit contributions (excuse me, it was already during the internet age, okay? for some reason, editors were still shy of accepting contributions via email) and between the double-spaced, 1" margin requirements and the cost of mailing to another country, plus the trouble of getting US, UK, Canada, etc stamps for your SASE, your pay pretty much just breaks even with your expenses? Oops, that somehow turned into a rant. Anyway, if you live in the US and love nurturing your personal relationship with the postal service (email is great, but getting something good by snail mail is even better), I think this site will be a delight to you. For those like me and live elsewhere, there are some downloadable freebies as well, so it's worthwhile to give it a visit. It also has a directory of links to other freebie sites.


Mindi said...

Haha! "What's Paypal?" That is hilarious! Was that a financial institution or were you talking to a ceramic pig? Kidding! LOL
Hope all's good! Havn't been back in a while.