Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ethan Powell Is Finally Home in His Maker's Arms

This is from Ben Powell, may God's comfort and peace be with him and his family during this time of grief. To Ethan, who continues to inspire us with his spirit and strength, happy homecoming (for we have to remember where our true home really is...).

April 5th- Day 424 DAY +96
4th Update 12:11 pm [Ben] - This is the update that I hoped never to type. At 11:37am, Ethan left this earth peacefully in our arms. I apologize for my lack of faith and letting you down. I ask that you stand strong in your faith and please continue to pray for "Ethan's friends". I thought alot about this over the last hour orso, and I have decided to keep updating for a short time. I am so angry at cancer and I plan to dedicate my life to fighting it. We need your help to do it. Please continue to check the site to find out the next step. I am speaking for myself when I say this... no child should have to die because of a lack of cure. And I plan to find that cure with your help! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me in this fight. I truly feel so lonely without him here, and I really need this to move forward. Please help me to beat this terrible illness.Although the devils wants to convince me and you otherwise, I still BeLIeVe... PRAYER WORKS!!! And I hope that you do to.


Claire said...

*sigh* I am just so saddened and devestated by this; to be honest, I'm pretty angry too. I just have so many questions. I followed Little Ethan from almost day 1; like so many others, I became attached to him. I found myself Loving him and thinking of him as though he were one of my own. I really, truly BeLIeVeD he was going to Walk out of there.

I am continuing to keep Ben and Becky in my prayers in such a very trying time. I can only hope that one day, if I am God forbid faced with something as difficult, I will be able to stand strong and unwavering in my faith as they have. They are definitely encouraging and a source of inspiration.

Though I've never met him, I feel like I "know" Ethan and I miss him like crazy. :( I just can't stop crying. He may have been little, but he was strong and brave. He managed to move mountains and bring us closer to God! Most of us only ever hope of being as strong as he, and achieving what he did. I Thank Ben and Becky for allowing us to be a part of this difficult journey, for allowing us to be a part of Ethan's all to brief life, and for allowing us to Love him. Ethan made a true BeLIeVeR out of me!


spinninglovelydays said...

hi, claire. i too believed that God would give complete healing to little ethan, and now i just think and be grateful for every little miracle that had helped this precious baby along and there were lots. i was very happy for him to have celebrated his first birthday and i'm sure that despite all the troubles he experienced in his very young life, he was able to perceive how immensely loved he was/is. i just admire ben and becky for their courage and faith. the entire family is an inspiration to many.
ps. i too am still crying over this. i think we all need hugs at this time, so a big one to you from moi. hope the kids are well and thriving. :)