Monday, March 17, 2008

Mom and Daughter, Drug-free

Marguerite continues to cut teeth. This last one, she was, as usual, feverish (but I'm sure that doesn't have anything to do with teething *snort*) and she also had sores in her mouth. When I googled the symptoms, I ended up looking the possibility of chicken pox (which I've successfully ducked and dodged for 31 years), hand-foot-and-mouth disease (which sounds bovine, but is really all-baby), and this other thing, canker sores I think. I vowed to observe and not panic (hah!). I plied her with liquids and tried to regularly mop her up with a damp cloth, which made her indignant for some reason. My mom looked at her gums and noticed swelling and pronounced it "probably teething" again. The fever was gone by the following day and Sunday, we were thankfully able to go to church where Marguerite's father, I suspect, let her lick the dusty, rusty swing house. He denies it, of course.
Sunday morning, I woke up at my usual wee-hour-schedule to get some work done, but my stomach had other plans. Before I gave birth, I usually resorted to taking drugs in only a couple of situations, namely hideously unbearable menstrual cramps (which occurred monthly, and which they told me would go away once I bore a kid and which consequently made me to pronounce all of them as liars) and an upset tummy (because I was always so scared of having to do #2 in some unknown bathroom). After Marguerite's birth though and my campaign for my daughter living a more natural lifestyle, I no longer take drugs to deal with those two. Menstrual cramps I just try to sleep off and when I can't, I just bear it, perhaps not grinning, but I'm still tolerating something I used to consider as intolerable. As for an upset tummy, I just eliminate what needs to be eliminated and resort to peppermint or chamomile tea to soothe the revolution. Since I no longer work outside the home, an upset stomach is no longer the source of panic that it used to be.