Sunday, March 9, 2008

First There Was a Bed

You know how the focal point of the bedroom is the, duh, bed? I mean, really, the kind of bed you have in there dictates the ambience of the entire room. I like to think that I don’t really go much for themes (except that I really do), but I prefer for the elements in a place to complement each other, and if there were to be contrasts, then they have to be striking and work really well.
Now, I have no credentials whatsoever in interior decorating, but I like to believe that I have enough aesthetic sense. If I were to decorate a bedroom (not ours, because, really forget ours. There’s a playpen and what seems to be a bookstore-cum-toyshop sprinkled with gadgety-type things from Husband and it only ever looks okay for exactly 5 minutes after cleaning and then, Oh just forget it!), I would pick a bed and go forward from that choice.
Now, the perfect bed. Sigh, if only I could have a hundred rooms to designate a perfect bed for each. Let’s say I pick this ( from a line of Oak Beds), which is a subtle beauty. The color is great, a nice neutral shade that would work wonderfully with a variety of decorating styles - whimsical with splashes of vibrant colors, modern with solid neutral hues, minimalist with colors blending into each other in unobtrusive harmony… It is definitely a great bed to work with, allowing for many options.
If you find beds inspiring, you can have your fill of them, all different kinds here: