Friday, February 1, 2008

My Daughter Would Have Hated the Eighties

I'm talking about spiked hair, although give her some time and I'm sure she'll develop an aversion for mullets too. So that's the whole deal with the fear of the Baby Einstein logo. Last weekend, my brother-in-law came down with his hair standing on end (not on purpose - he had just been lying down) and Marguerite hid behind something when she saw him. She was okay after BIL had smoothed his hair down. Anyhoo, it was just a temporary thing. She's not scared of the BE logo anymore.
I'm having a hard time including green leafy vegetables in Marguerite's diet. Or maybe it's not so much a difficulty as it is being overlooked. It's pretty much table food now for her, which means I'm not getting a lot of green leafy veggies myself. I had salad for lunch twice last week, but I'm not sure she can already handle the crunch and bacteria of raw vegetables. I think I'll do the muffin tray again. It wasn't a big success when I did it before (most of the food ended up on the floor), but she's less picky now. If you have a recipe to share (other than the pasta salad - pasta with sauteed veggies), please leave it or the link in the comments section. TIA.