Monday, February 18, 2008

I've Got Proof...

... that Husband reads my blog. For the first time in our almost 12-year relationship, I got something on February 14. The key is to post hints on your blog before the day itself. Just like my last birthday, he woke me up to present me with flowers and banoffee pie (I come to a point when I think I'm not so in love with it anymore, then I have some and prove myself wrong - sounds like some relationships you hear about). I didn't get him anything, except, maybe, if you count homemade hummus, lol.
You know about my sister, right? It started in November as something like allergies and then progressed into the mystery illness that it still is. All her tests from day 1 (save the ARDK one) have shown good results. She's in a different hospital now from the one she was confined in back in early December (that, btw, has lost my sister's cervical MRI plates - the hospital says the doctor, the doctor's - who's MIA for added nuisance - office says the hospital and before you know it, they'd probably both gang up on us to say that it's our fault. We paid 16000 php for an MRI that didn't reveal anything helpful to their doctors and we can't even get hold of the plates now. At least I know life can get sweeter than this.) and they've ruled out both Guillain-Barré Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis somehow. They're eliminating possible diseases one by one. My sister's blood pressure is normal when lying down, but it drops as soon as she tries to get up. They thought it might have something to do with the valve in her heart, but all the tests say that her heart is fine. They want to do another test (or they've done it) wherein they'll raise her, spin her around, and put her in other positions, monitoring her BP all the time. Hopefully that one will reveal something. I got so I'm not sure whether to be happy or frustrated at good results. I used to be relieved, but now it's mostly just more money out of my Dad's pocket and no answers. So, basically, she's very weak and thin now, understandably because she wasn't eating for a long time (she's eating a little bit now, still very little, but at least she's keeping solids down), her BP is all whacked, and she still has shooting pains in her limbs and other parts of her body. I'm asking you to continue praying for her.
However, despite this ongoing ordeal (announcement: my Mom looks extra gorgeous now because being Chip's primary caregiver, she has lost so much weight. A month ago, she said she's less four inches around the waist.) we can still see God's goodness every time. We've seen how so many people love my sister (last Sunday, all three testimonies involved her and the people who gave them aren't blood relations) and care for our family. We've never asked for financial help, but relatives have been sending us some money and other things we need (like a wheelchair) to help out. I know that God's hand is on our situation and I will not allow my faith to be shaken. Earlier, I asked my sister if she's got a craving, so I'll try to get it for her when she gets home (we still don't know when), provided the doctors are okay with it. She said, lobster with lots of butter and kisses from Marguerite. Lobster is ridiculously expensive, but that's my only sister - my only sibling, at that - we're talking about. Doctor allowing, she'll get lobster.


tin said...

:) What did he get you?

I know I've read a verse where God promised that he won't give us trials that we can't overcome.

spinninglovelydays said...

umm, tin,
"Just like my last birthday, he woke me up to present me with flowers and banoffee pie..." :)

tin said... curious kase ako.

parang may first post didn't make sense. ;D

spinninglovelydays said...

hey, it does make sense. :)i understood both parts and i thank you for the sentiment behind the second part :)