Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dragons Live Forever...

... but not so little boys. Or active dry yeast. I was all set to make pita pockets, but it turned out that the yeast in our pantry had been there since the little cabinet first got stocked (jk!). Anyway, it didn't bubble or anything it was supposed to do when proofed. It was too late to run to the store. And that's how I ended up with chapati.

I was supposed to have the pita for lunch, with hummus (which turned out okay, but was missing the tahini flavor, so not quite as good as the traditional) and vegetables. Still did, but because of the aforementioned yeast, I had to replace the pita with some sort of unleavened bread.

You'd think I had a healthy February 14 lunch, but then I post the following (it's soda cracker candy, some of which I coated with white chocolate) and ruin it.


Valerie said...

I think it looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Valerie :)