Friday, February 22, 2008

At the End of the Day

and after numerous tests (some were duplicated after a period of time) and numerous specialists, the only thing my sister tested positive for was hyperthyroidism. Her symptoms were so bizarre and definitely neurological in nature that the thyroid wasn't even considered. The ARDK did show that there was something wrong with her thyroid, but with the more pressing (pseudo)neuroligical manifestations, it sort of got shoved aside. Then we went to this other hospital and towards the end of her stay there, as sort of an afterthought, they decided to let her see an endocrinologist. Must things always be complicated? Yes, she's hyperthyroid, but she's not showing signs of it. The neurological verdict is that Chip's nerves are fine. They think the small fibers, which do not show themselves in tests, are the culprit regarding her pain. I still don't know if my sister's case has been simplified. There's the diagnosis and there's living with her symptoms. Please continue to pray for her. We just do what we have to and let the will of God for Chip and our family happen. We're exhausted, but we've got the best resting place.