Thursday, January 24, 2008

Up There with Clowns and the Creature from the Black Lagoon

You know the Baby Einstein logo? The kid with about five strands of hair standing straight up and wearing eyeglasses? Well, it freaks out Marguerite. And, yes, I still let her watch Baby Einstein despite all the studies that say my kid is better off without it. I always watch it with her and point things out and generally keep up a steady stream of mundane chatter about what we're seeing on the screen. I don't just park her in front of the TV while I get on with my chores. We're mostly doing Wordsworth (has signs too, btw) and Da Vinci right now and I really believe it benefits my daughter to watch them. Yeah, so it has mostly been good, except for that logo. She anticipates them at the beginning and at the end, so she hides behind something or snuggles up to me. I used to touch the screen, demonstrating that it's just a drawing or a picture, but now I just scoop her up for a hug. I've also been fastforwarding and stopping the DVD right before the credits, but maybe I shouldn't do that. What do you think? How does one help a toddler overcome what seems to be an irrational fear? Anybody else's kid afraid of the logo?