Thursday, January 10, 2008

Neurological Alphabet

We've started Chip on laser treatment. The concept was favorable with our family because it goes beyond western medicine, which focuses on drugs and surgery. With this method, there's no need for hospital confinement, drugs, exhausting and painful tests, etc. She actually hasn't been tested with the ARDK yet since she's not generating enough electricity (that's how I understood it anyway), but her doctor says she's exhibiting both symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and Guillain-Barré (Ascending Paralysis). The pain points to MS (GB would be more numb than painful), while her gag reflex indicates an ascending diaphragm. She has thus far already had two days of treatment. Please pray right along with us that the lasers be successful in correcting all her problems. The doctor says that for any treatment to be effective, the patient's attitude should be positive and healthy. I think we might have a problem right there, so please also pray for Chip to overcome her frustration and impatience. Thanks.


maf said...

We're consistently praying and hoping for the best for Chipi.

spinninglovelydays said...

Thank you, Maf.

Anonymous said...

Not quitting either. Never. Will always pray.