Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kevin Spacey in "The Usual Suspects" Had It

"The toes knows (sic)."
Just from glancing at my feet, Chip's doctor was able to tell me that I needed to stay longer in the bathroom. That telltale part was actually not the toes, but somewhere around the ankles. The temperature of the feet could also say if there's something wrong with the heart(?).
Anyway, basically, Chip has to make herself stronger with positive thoughts and proper nutrition, but lately, she has been throwing up everything she ingests as she is way too acidic. My Dad finally got around to installing the alkaline water system that he had bought months ago and as he was watching the accompanying promotional video, he ruefully turned to me and said, "It's our fault. Maybe Chip wouldn't have gotten sick if we had installed this right away." Our...We?!?! He was the one who had to find the time to build a rack first. Anyway, no point in pointing fingers (or sharing blame). Hopefully, the alkaline water would do the trick and help Chip keep things down by getting rid of the acid reflux. Specific prayer request: fix ascending diaphragm so Chip can get properly nourished and be on her way to strengthening her immunity.
Marguerite is back to normal. Skin is clear again, temp just fine, and toddler is now leaving mild chaos in her trail here at home.
You know what I have been neglecting since Chip got sick? Weekly Whimsies... and Marguerite's daily Spanish hour. Spanish hour will resume today. Weekly Whimsies? We'll see. I don't think I have time for them just yet.
Edited to add: I initially put "Seven" in the title, my bad.