Friday, January 4, 2008

De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum

There's really no accounting for taste. Last Christmas, I made gingerbread cookies following the standard recipe using molasses and everybody save one boy hated them. This time, I used corn syrup and my cookies were a hit! We were able to do the traditional decor icing on New Year's Day, kinda late, I know, but better late than missing it altogether this season. You can see the kids' effort here. For icing, I just used milk and confectioner's sugar with a drop of whichever extract I preferred.
Things haven't gone back to normal around here. My sister seems to be getting worse. She's scheduled to go through another MRI again today, in fact. It has been over a month now, but we continue to hold on to God's promises and just trust Him to have control over the situation. Here's a pic of Marguerite in her nightie, giving her Aunt Chip early morning entertainment.