Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Tribute to Nana

It's my Mom's birthday and articles about her have gotten stale. I'm sure she would say that she enjoyed reading it and felt proud and flattered... but thus far, I've already had three published in local newspapers and a magazine honoring her as a mother, so a blog post is hardly original. Articles about her being "Nana" will hopefully come forth when Marguerite starts writing.
In the meantime, "Marguerite" made a collage for her (thanks to SnagIt and Word. The laptop I was using didn't have Photoshop:-( too bad.). I also guided her hand in writing a short note to Nana on nice sparkly paper. She yelled in my ear the whole time we were doing that. I would normally just leave her to her squiggling with thick crayons, but we were using ballpoints for that. Marguerite's gift also included a casserole baking dish (I had given another one to Mom in the past, but somebody who shall remain unnamed *ermchip* broke it by cooking with it over direct fire).
I would have made a montage, but Mom's hardly ever online (high technology scares her, plus she deliberately forgets anything we teach her regarding the internet). BUT she is going to check her email today as far-flung and not-so-far-flung members of the clan are sending a deluge of egreetings, so her friends need not think twice about sending her an email. Hint! Hint!


Margaret said...

What a sweet collage =)

spinninglovelydays said...

thanks, margaret :)

lalab :) said...

I cannot forget when you guys were not with her one time on her birthday and she asked me and Chit to have dinner with her at Max's restaurant at Marquinton..hehehe..It was very special because we didn't know it was also the grand opening day of the bluewave when we went outside and about to go home we were welcomed with a band playing several music which we felt meant for sis. Dolly because it's her special day.. take note, we stood beside Rea Santos and MCF herself! hahahaha...Vonga! come to think of it..that was 2 years ago! wow...:) Happy Birthday to Midgy's Nana!

spinninglovelydays said...

I'm glad she has good friends she can rely on when we're not around. :) Was that when I was living in Subic and Dad and Chip were in the US? That must have been a lonely time.