Friday, November 16, 2007

Please Take Heed

Ethan needs your prayers more than ever...


November 15 - Day 279

1st Update/9:17 [Ben] - Sorry again for another late update. This is my first opportunity. We haven't learned anything new today, in spite of what we expected. We do have one slight additional prayer request... I was sitting with Ethan about 20 minutes ago and playing for the first time at the apartment in a long long time (because we've been in the hospital). In the middle of playing he collapsed forward and I yelled "Becky". She was there within a second and we lifted his head up and he immediately woke up. So... was it a seizure? I would say so, but on the bright side he recovered almost immediately. Again, the reason this is important is that the seizure medicine that he requires prohibits the CHEMO from working effectively. So we need to remain seizure free at least until he is eligible for brain surgery. With that said, please continue to pray for the requests above.

One other announcement.... tomorrow the bone marrow asperate is scheduled for noon. We will post the update as soon as we know. This is very big. Before Ethan relapsed we prayed for "Miracle Monday".... this is the exact same procedure that we were praying for the first time. We are praying for this test to come back clean (0%) or empty. We would prefer clean because that means that there are still cells but there is no LEUKEMIA, empty means there is nothing.

The doctors do not expect this to happen with 5 round of chemo. This would be Ethan's first round of CHEMO since transplant, so it truly would be a miracle if it were to come back clean. PLEASE PRAY FOR TOMORROW.... IT WILL TELL US WHETHER OR NOT THE CHEMO APPEARS TO BE WORKING. Afterall, if the percentage of LEUKEMIA doesn't start to decrease, then we are out of options. We need to see it turn around tomorrow. Please spread the prayer chain... We thank you from the depths of our hearts for searching inside yourself to BeLIeVe... PRAYER WORKS!!!

November 14 - Day 278

1st Update/5:34 [Ben] - By far, this is the biggest update that we have ever posted. With that said... the phone has literally been ringing every other minute the last few days so please don't take it personally that we haven't answered. Our phone stay on silent. As always we want to keep you posted, so here goes....

There are so many urgent requests that I am just going to be short and to the point. A few minutes ago, they sent us to our apartment here to give us a couple days as outpatient staus. They are doing this because the next step is very likely going to be brain surgery. For that, they will check us into another hospital with neurosurgeons (specialists). For now, we are keeping specifics private at this point because frankly we just don't have any spare time. As much as we love visitors we are staying extremely busy here with everything being so day to day.

As for the rest of this, the doctors continue to impress the point... there is a very slim chance that he will survive as far as they are concerned. Ethan has now been given so much CHEMO that he will not be able to have children. Most likely he will need radiation in addition to the bone marrow transplant. THE ODDS ARE AGAINST HIM AND HALF OF THE DOCTORS ARE TELLING US DAILY TO SEND HIM HOME. THE OTHER ARE SAYING THERE IS STILL A CHANCE.

To make things even more interesting, a few minutes after we checked out of the hospital we were stuck behind a wreck and Becky looked up the rear view mirror and Ethan started shaking uncontrollably and then just passed out. Was it a seizure? We have no idea. At this point... we are just moving forward with our heads held high.

Please pray with a passion... please spread the prayer chain. IT'S TIME THAT WE CALL EACH OTHER OUT. I BeLIeVe... DO YOU? PRAYER WORKS!!!