Friday, November 16, 2007

Let's Try to Read a Book

If you come over to our house, I can probably get Marguerite to read a book to you. She has a board book (she has non-board books too, but since she tore a page of a fifteen-year old copy of "Squirrel Nutkin", not to mention the second book one of my stories got included in, and a page of my story at that, she mostly handles board books for now) called "Let's Try" and she can read through the entire thing by signing or acting something out. It starts with "Let's try to eat everything up" and she would make the sign for eat while making chomping noises. Next, it says "Let's try to drink the milk", so she would sign "milk". For "Let's try to pat the cat", she would pat the cat in the picture while making cooing noises. Then it's "Let's try to drive the car", so she would sign "car" while trying to make the "vroom, vroom" sound. For "Let's try to wash your tummy", she would simply sign "bath". Finally, it's "Let's try to kiss teddy goodnight" and she would kiss the teddy bear in the picture. I didn't teach her to do that either. Marguerite just figured it out for herself by listening and looking at the pictures. Kids are so amazing.
Another incredible feat accomplished by my little wonder, no thanks to her Dad, was to hurdle the playpen wall from our bed. The playpen is pushed up against the foot of our bed. I was running around this morning tending to a zillion things so I woke up Husband asked him to watch the baby who was next to him in bed (we co-sleep), finishing her first bottle of milk for the day. I left the room and a few minutes later, I heard Marguerite calling me. When I entered our bedroom, I saw the baby in her playpen with Husband seated next to it at the foot of the bed. I thought it was all good until Husband made my blood run cold by asking if I had put the baby in the playpen. The floor of the pen is a sea of stuffed animals and plush toys, but it is still quite a drop if she lets herself free-fall from the top. Something similar happened when Marguerite was nine months old. I had left her with Husband who promptly fell asleep again and when I went back into the room, the baby was already on the floor, about to start rooting through the wastebasket. Both times, Marguerite greeted me with a mischievous grin, but both incidents could have very well taken a different route. So many things could have gone very wrong. It is very clear that God is protecting our baby from her dumb parents. You'd think I would have learned the first time, too. I think I'll keep on flogging myself in the meantime.


maf said...

midge's so amazing and so smart!
hmmm. parang tagline ng smart ah...simply amazing! :=)

spinninglovelydays said...

thanks, mafe. kids are really awesome. :)