Friday, November 23, 2007

I Don't Intend to Be Groovy...

... and let Marguerite keep on calling me Ivy. She alternates between that and Mommy, of course, but sometimes she gets confused and calls her Nana "Mommy" too. Oh, I know she's just copying other people and experimenting with the use of my name along with some other dubious habits (knocking down blocks, using her water bottle like a salt shaker and sprinkling water on whatever - usually herself - until it's soaked...) and it's good for her to know my given name. When my cousin Jaymee was very young, she got lost in the airport and when the guards asked her what the name of her companion was, she couldn't give anything more than "Tita" (common Filipino term for aunt, comes from the Spanish Tíita). She didn't know my Mom's first name.
So, more news from the Marguerite front. Some other things she's into. She likes to take hankies (or some other square-ish piece of cloth) and fold them neatly (neatly toddler standards). I think she takes this after me. I don't particularly like housework, but I actually like to sort and fold. She has also been trying to catch spiders (the harmless jumping kind). She saw me drive one off the bed by clapping my hand on the bed, near it and making it jump until it got to edge. I suppose that looked like fun to her. This is not something I would like to encourage until she has learned more about the different kinds of spiders, but while she's not yet exploring on her own, I suppose the habit is harmless enough. I think she also might be cutting her molars (during my time, I was hospitalized for this. Teething is definitely serious business.). I don't care what the experts say. My kid gets a cold every time she cuts a tooth. Anyway, I'm doing everything I can to beef up her resistance in the meantime.
Oops, gotta work. Hasta luego!


maf said...

children are really like sponges! they absorb fastly anything that they see and hear.
antonella is actually so fond of listening to songs, especially when obet and archy sing to her.
looks like a worship leader in the making. well, my prayer for her is that she'll be obedient and God-fearing when she grows up.
i guess, that's what every mom's dream is...:=)

Lalab said...

Mmmm... Midgy and antonella might become great singers in the future..Midgy the alto and toni the soprano. How cute! hehehehe.. Midge knows how to use her voice alredy especially if she wants something..hehehe..i saw and heard her once at the church...:)
Thanks to both of you for bringing into this world 2 wonderful,beautiful and delightful babies! (i want to use more positive adjectives for them but we might lack space here..) toodles!

spinninglovelydays said...

hi, maf. gotta start them young! :)

thanks, lalab :) midge definitely didn't get her voice from me (thank heavens). it's so big whereas i've always been a squeaky little mouse.

maf said...

haha! what a great combination!
thanks, andrea! :=)