Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 31st Party/Sale

Because you know we don't celebrate Halloween. But we do like donning costumes, thus Sister is having another sale, the kind that gives you an excuse to wear one. If you're our friend, we don't need to give you the actual address. You know how to get to the venue (hint to readers: it's in the Phlippines). If you're a stranger, but would like to check out her wares, email me at [email protected] and I shall give you the address, as well as directions to get there. The sale's on at 9am and will run until 5pm (just like work!). Hope to see you tomorrow!


maf said...

hi there!

antonella and i would really luv to come but i still have work until 12:30 noon tomorrow. i'll try to drop by in the afternoon. then afterwards, we still have the pgp overnight at 8pm. i'm in charge of one game. hectic..
anyway, enjoy the party tomorrow!
regards to chip and pls relay the message...

God bless,

spinninglovelydays said...

hi, maf. try to make it. toni and obet, too. and in costume if you can :) if you can't make it, i'll see you at the overnight (although i won't really be sleeping over) instead...:)

Andrea said...

I enjoyed a lot and pics are coming! :) Love my new earrings! :)

maf said...

i really missed chip's party/sale. i was able to reach home from office at almost 5pm already. no shuttle yet yesterday that's why had to take the mrt at magallanes. super dami ng tao!
was so tired when i got home. we thought we couldn't make it to pgp overnight bec obet's got a headache. but we also decided to come around 10:30pm already. there were some PSTs there. we had fun, though, we also left around 12:30am . the rest stayed overnight. :=)

spinninglovelydays said...

hi, maf. i feel so bad about missing the overnight. mark got home pretty late too.