Friday, October 19, 2007

Let's Do Something 2


"October 18- Day 250

1st Update/3:07pm [Ben] - Imagine reliving your worst nightmare many times over the course of 250 days. Every morning you wake up to find that your child is slowly dying and you can do absolutely nothing to stop it. You depend on an invisible being and you have to put all of your trust and your faith into knowing that HE will provide. That is where I am right now. And as scary as it is I DO STILL BELIEVE THAT GOD CAN AND WILL HEAL! I am asking that you stand behind MARK 11:21-23 and ask that GOD HEAL ETHAN! It only takes the FAITH of one pure hearted individual. I am begging you to stand with me in case I do not have the strength. The next 3 weeks will tell us more about whether the doctors expect him to live or whether or not they will give us a life expectancy.

Ethan is now at his last option. A few minutes ago they gave him more of my cells. (We have been working frantically and fast.) These cells did not work the first time. So basically, this doesn't seem to me like it will work. THE ONLY THING THAT WILL WORK IS PRAYER. Things are a bit complicated here, I will update as I have the opportunities. Becky is going to step away from updates awhile to spend more time with Ethan. Please! Please! Please! Fire up the prayer chain. Call up your churches and friends, get together and pray. I am typing through tears asking for you to do one thing.... BeLIeVe! PRAYER WORKS!!!"

Be a prayer warrior for dear Ethan. Believe with the rest of us.


GMA 7's Kapuso Foundation has many recipients and the story of each one would indubitably tug at your heartstrings, but I'm appealing for this particular case because a) I was actually able to watch this clip on TV and b) the girl reminds me of my own daughter and imagining what the child is suffering through, all that she is missing just breaks my heart.

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