Thursday, October 4, 2007

In Aid of Closure and Kate Update

I think even without me having said so (or maybe I have?), you still would have inferred that I was very unhappy about Marguerite's big party. It bothered me on and off for a week until I decided that I had to do something about it. So, I thought, "Hey, she has already had two parties. Maybe she should have three.". If she's not getting quality, at least, she has the option of quantity, hee!
For the third party, I decided to have the focus on her and not on having to entertain guests. This is how I would have done it if it hadn't been a combination birthday and dedication party. I asked my Mom to bake another cake, so she made a banana-carrot one. I again whipped up a thick cream cheese frosting (but, forget it, they always get runny from the heat here) and made chocolate cake decor since we were out of candy flowers. I made an "M", a "1", a daisy, and several hearts. When the cake was cooling, I cut a side of it to form four mini cakes (I also colored a portion of the frosting pink, unfortunately, with artificial coloring as I still have to research natural food dyes). Since it was just family (and Husband was at work, at that), we just had cake and totopos with a cheese dip Sister had concocted (she's a whiz with cheese. Hey, Chip, when are we going to have that fondue party?). We didn't make the totopos (I still have to order a local version of masa harina from my friend's daughter. That's why our tortillas are always plain flour ones.). We got boxes of them for the big party, but we clean forgot about them.
I cut out gift wrapping paper into small triangles and taped them to a purple curling ribbon. This was to be bunting to tape to her booster seat. We salvaged a balloon that Jacky the dog hadn't mauled yet. I stuck Marguerite's birthday candle into the cake, put some yellow flowers in a vintage glass and we were ready to party (low-key). I got out the camera and the camcorder and tried to capture as much of the celebration as I could.
So, Marguerite wore her tiara again. She (or my Mom) blew out her candle again. This time though, she actually got to smash and eat a mini cake. She didn't get a smash cake at the big party because she was wearing a pretty dress and it would have been a hassle cleaning her up there as the restroom wasn't baby-friendly. Sister performed the rap number she had prepared for the big party (but hadn't done since things had been pretty much falling apart). I'll just have to take a video of Husband singing a song for Marguerite, add materials from all three parties and I think Marguerite's finally gonna have a passable birthday video.
Voilà some pics from the third "party":

Kate is doing much better now. She can actually talk to her visitors. They say it's not dengue after all, but had something to do with her organs not functioning well, hence the dengue-like symptoms. At the end of the day it all has to do with her heart, I suppose. Thanks to those who thought of Kate and prayed. Here's more proof that prayers really work. We now behold a child on her way to recovery when just a couple of days ago, Adora (Kate's mother) was told by the doctors that she was going to lose her daughter. Isn't God absolutely wonderful?:)


Anonymous said...

I think Midge enjoyed much with her 3rd party..:)
By the way, I was able to visit Kate yesterday and we prayed together. I wasn't supposed to shed a tear but then when she closed her eyes and readied herself to pray i was touched by the gesture. My heart melted and my voice cracked a little but however managed to contain myself. After praying i asked her if she's okay though i know she's not..i know 'twas a stupid ques. but i wanted to keep on saying something so that i won't cry.(sabunutan ang sarili!)of course, she can't still talk due to the tubes attached to her but then our doña Kate gave me a thumbs up. she smiled a little and so did i. when i was leaving the icu i looked at her again and guess what? she winked at me! lol.. God is so good to Kate. I did cry the moment i was out and thanked God once again. Praise the Lord for Kate over and over again.

spinninglovelydays said...

hi, lalab. that sounds like kate all right.:) i thought she was already talking. i guess dad meant communicating when he said talking.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she didn't talk yet when i was there due to the tubes attached to her. You see her nodding and smiling though..Thank God.. :)