Sunday, October 28, 2007

Heaven Nose

This whimsy is late and very much true to the nature of a whimsy (here comes my fave mathematical expression - trigonometry to be exact - "from tangent to tangent wherever my fancy brings me"). My nose has been acting up lately (when I say lately, I meant for the past thirty years). It reminds me of that classic crank call "Is your refrigerator running?", but in my case, the caller can ask, "Is your nose running?" and there's a big chance that my answer would be "yes" (then I'd have to go catch it). I've always had a sensitive nose. I'm the first to detect smoke, BO, chemical stuff, etc., but besides its superhuman (canine maybe?) ability to sniff out undesirable odors, my nose is also the first to start sneezing at the slightest trace of dust (or pollen or harsh smell or whatever other negligible allergen there is). Don't even think of nudging it a little. The slightest pressure is enough to launch a set of three. And plain forget about nosy tweaks. You won't think the gesture cute once I've sneezed into your face ten times in a row.
Now, I live near the highway. Dust accumulates here so fast, you can finger-draw onto surfaces mere seconds after you give it a good swipe with your Pledge. Now, I'm a packrat. Dust and being a packrat don't combine well with this nose, but I'm living proof that one can sneeze through her days and still lead a pretty normal life (but, really, what's normal? Do you want normal? I'm not sure I do.).
How about my proverbial/idiomatic nose? Can I immediately smell something fishy? Usually. Can I sniff out a scoop? I don't know about having a nose for news, but I simply ask for it. Friends expect me to greet them with "What's the latest?". Do I stick my nose into other people's beeswax? When I feel so inclined. Do I cut off my nose to spite my face? There have been moments, but as a general rule, I'm not self-destructive.
Revealing all these things are no skin off my nose. Unless you meet me and decide to test the verity of this post.:)


Mindi said...

I have another one:
Do you lead somebody by the nose?
I do! DBF! Haha! I wish!

spinninglovelydays said...

thanks, mindi. :) i'll have to get a horse for that one, lol