Saturday, October 20, 2007

Facing Mortality

Yesterday’s very tragic occurrence has devastated the nation and jolted it out of a very false sense of security (for when viewed by an international eye, we are, in fact, a hotspot when it comes to terrorist activities). I was napping when it happened. As checking my cell phone for the time is my first impulse upon waking up, I was able to read my husband’s text message before I found out what had taken place. It said, “No, I wasn’t in Glorietta.” I thought he must have sent it to me by mistake. When I stepped out of the bedroom though, my parents immediately filled me in about the explosion that had occurred. The text message finally made sense and I was able to reply appropriately to it.

Thank God Husband wasn’t there, but all those poor people! I am so shaken by the news that I keep on catching myself sobbing for those who were killed and injured as well as for their families. What a nightmare! This dreadful event is just the kind of thing that would snap a person out of her contented passiveness and make her think about her own mortality. If she has a helpless little child, an invalid, an elderly parent, or any other person completely dependent on her, this could very well launch her into panic mode.

I for one have never considered getting myself insured. It always seemed less complicated to just put aside money for emergencies, but this has sufficiently rearranged my mind to give room for second thoughts.

I used to not know the first thing about insurance and the jargons simply launched me further at sea. I decided though that I couldn’t keep on being ignorant if I wanted to take the best course regarding my daughter’s future. I began to have some inkling as to what was involved in the whole thing when I found one company ( Advantage Term Life) online and read through its site.

Apparently there are several kinds of coverage for insurance (i.e., term, whole life, universal, group, etc.). You can simply look through the details to determine which one is right for you. The site I visited also offers tips on how to lower your premiums or to get cheaper insurance rates. This is very helpful if you want to get the best deal for your money, especially if you really don’t have a lot in the first place. I’m very interested in the option of money back life insurance, but it does come with a pretty steep price tag.

So many points to ponder, so many arguments to consider, but at the end of the day, we really just want what would best protect the interests of our loved ones.