Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The City Hall Boasts of Nasty Ghouls

The local government annually admits to having evil spirits working for it and even parades them on the main thoroughfares the night before Hallowe'en. This year, it's the usual motley crew of witches, warlocks, trolls, zombies, etc.. Plus robots, obviously inspired by the recent celluloid hit "Transformers". We all went out to watch, but Marguerite had to go back in shortly as there were so many smokers among the spectators. I took pictures, which I didn't like having to do because it took away from being able to enjoy the show. Also, short of being one with the parade, there was no way I could get decent pictures, what with the madding crowd and my being a strand of hair shy of being all of five feet... I'm posting the pics I took anyway.


maf said...


i missed the parade again!
life's simple fun and pleasure....:=)