Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nos compartamos

There were some parents in my local homeschooling yahoogroup who expressed interest in teaching Spanish to their kids. As a former Spanish teacher, I can say that immersion in the culture is the best way to adopt a language. Learning another tongue is more than just about grammar and pronunciation; it's a profound cultural experience. As not a lot of us can make travel to Spain or Hispanic America fit into the budget, we have to constantly be creative in finding ways to expose our kids to the language. If you have free online resources in mind (there are lots), especially ones that kids will cotton to (meaning they're fun) or other non-web-related ideas for Spanish language/culture exposure, please share them in the comments section. On that note, I visit this site for the French comptines (nursery rhymes), but it also has a Spanish page. It's not necessarily a fun, engaging site for kids, but the parents can learn what they can and then teach their kids afterwards. Hope you find it useful. Lovely day!:)