Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sugar Rush

My friend Tricia is quite the gifted baker. Her baking skills were honed into the wonder that they are now while she was pregnant with her second daughter, Danie (two months younger than my Marguerite). She had just become an SAHM and found herself confronted with the opportunity to get serious at being a homemaker. While I was spending my own afternoons getting dead serious at being a napper, Tricia was actively baking away in her kitchen. She got to be so good that friends and family naturally urged her to turn her hobby into a business. Fortunately, Tricia recognizes a great idea when she hears it and, lucky (term used loosely here, lol) gal that I am, I frequently get to sample her wares when I bring Marguerite over to her house for playdates with Spring (her first) and Danie.
While waiting for the official launch of her "Little Cakes Factory" , Tricia is doing fairs and bazaars. This week, she is at the Miriam College fair. On Monday, taking advantage of the availability of different flavors, I ordered a set of nine cupcakes, which she dropped off at our house on her way home from the fair. The very festive and enticing looking box delivered on its promise of not only delicious, but also gorgeous goodies inside. Such things do not last long in our house and by the time I got hold of a camera, there were only six left. And I believe Marguerite, being too fast for the adults around her, had poked a finger into the frosting of one of the cupcakes.
As I contemplate the speed of an unsugared Marguerite, it occurs to me that these lovely days are not going to get less exhausting. Please enjoy looking at the cupcakes below as I audibly sigh from imagining the energy of a sugar-consuming Marguerite.


Christianne said...

I'm drooling right now and it's all your fault. I'm sure your

There's a funny custom here in Sweden, they don't often let kids eat sweets but on Saturdays they let them gorge on jelly beans, chocolate, anything they want! I asked our midwife about it and she said it's better for the teeth (apparently eating a little candy often does more damage than eating lots of candy in one sitting) and at least the sugar high and the following crash comes only once a week, hehe. Strange but it does make sense.

spinninglovelydays said...

that's a good idea! :) regulated sugar highs and crashes, lol

i would really like for dd to not be absolutely in love with sugar the way i am. training her tastebuds is an uphill trip around here, with my mom loudly protesting in my ear the entire time that i'm depriving my own daughter. sigh.