Thursday, August 23, 2007

One Month To Go

Marguerite turned 11 months yesterday. I can't help but have mixed emotions about this. I try very hard to enjoy all of her stages, so I just pause every now and then to make sure that I am remembering to savor this time. This is a great time. She's just learning how to walk, express herself in actual words, do as we request her to, etc. At the same time, I think it's natural for a mom such as myself to miss the stages that we have gone through. This is a particularly perfect time to wax nostalgic. It's pretty hard not to to compare this time last year with now. Back then, I was still beside myself with excitement (and impatience) to welcome Marguerite to the world. I was still imagining what she would be like (believe me, she turned out more beautiful, more precious, more perfect than anything that I had hoped for). Anyway, with the conflicting feelings of being happy in the moment and missing what's past, I still have to add my eagerness to see the days ahead. I'm also excited for what's to come. It would be so awesome to carry conversations with her, enjoy treats with her, share my interests with her, etc. As you can tell, I'm a raw bundle of confused sentiments made even more dramatic by hormones.:-)

Yesterday as we were greeting the day by doing our usual morning stroll around the house, we encountered the stray cats that have become mainstays here. Marguerite called out, "Cat!". I asked her to say it again and she said, "Meow!". Later, I asked her to tell Daddy about the cats and she growled, "Merrrow!" It is not with irony that I say that these days are absolutely thrilling.

Because Marguerite turned 11 months yesterday, I post here a picture of a box of Tricia's cupcakes. She actually gave them to Husband on Monday as a "thank you" for helping her with her product shots and they were all gone by Tuesday, but, hey, I still have the picture, so enjoy!