Monday, August 6, 2007

Creativity High

Creativity is a big thing in our family. My sister and I knew that with our "living by God’s grace" lifestyle, we could never compare, in the material sense, with our schoolmates in the exclusive academy we had attended and simply chose to use natural talents as our edge (as much as I’m against the entire concept of competition now, we were raised in that kind of society). This is merely one of the reasons why creativity had become a force of habit and pretty much a way of life for us.

I, for one, have always known that I wanted to write. I don’t remember exactly when I decided this, but my mother can tell you about the time I had written a poem about the stars (and was subsequently accused of plagiarism by her - “Really? You wrote this? I think I’ve read this before.”) or the time I showed her the story I had written about the strawberry people (she was more supportive that time). My recollection of these episodes is very vague so I must have been really young. I have also regularly dabbled (because I haven’t been able to commit myself to the thought thus far) in art, drawing and painting very amateurishly, but with much zest for the task. Also, when I finally started thinking about boyfriends (actually, I started thinking about them pretty early, but the folks had let me know right from the start that I couldn’t have one until I … well, they had never actually set any specific time, so I suppose they were hoping I’d eventually just give up the idea), I told myself that he, whoever he might turn out to be, had to be an artist. I definitely would never have given a yuppie the time of day. Although my husband can credit his chin dimple for winning me, that alone would never have gotten him any cigar (as you are confronted with these accounts of immense superficiality, please bear in mind that this writer was but a stupid silly kid at that time). The thing is, that husband turned out to be a musician, designer, photographer (et cetera, et cetera… the man keeps on finding new skills to hone!) was no co-winky-dink. He had passed muster. In our case, creativity attracts creativity and, hopefully, breeds creativity too.

That very long introduction was to segue into an account of my sister's accessories sale last Saturday. Sister and I are avid crafters, but she’s the one who has proceeded to make a living out of it. She is, without a doubt, one of the most creative people I know. She’s a great performer, a very gifted artisan, and a serious daydreamer. She decided to hold her sale at my grandparents’ house, which had definitely gone to seed in the last decade, the cause of which, we shan’t go into (that’s another post). We had spent the days prior to the sale sprucing up the living room with an enchanted forest theme. We put up fake overhanging branches strewn with golden flowers and leaves, as well as Christmas lights that circled the old tarnished chandelier dangling from the ceiling. We didn’t really need to do much as the accessories showcased in the room were to be the focal points anyway.

My daughter was up and dressed early Saturday morning to do her bit in the entertaining (which involved drawing attention to herself by simply being a cute baby). She, of course, wore the angel bracelet that her aunt had made especially for her.

That day, Sister was also scheduled to be interviewed about being an entrepreneur by a group of schoolgirls (cousin Big C’s classmates who had to do it for a project) who presented her with roses as a “thank you”.

The day was certainly a lot of fun. Somebody brought out the hula hoop and everybody started getting silly. Sister fed her guests flat bread with pesto and spicy mushroom dips and tiramisu slices and since we’re big tea drinkers around here, the beverage options were milk tea and sweet lemon tea. Customers showed up until late in the afternoon. One upsetting thing about the day was Jacky, the dog, who had to stay at the back the whole time. She showed her indignation at being left out by insanely barking her head off. Although the air was peppered with doggy cusses aimed at us, everybody was in good spirits and went home with a piece or two (or five) of Sister’s handiwork. More days like this please.


Anonymous said...

hi there again ivy!

you see, i'm one of your avid followers! hehehe. i really enjoy and always look forward to reading all your blogs.
i remember high school days...haay, kakamiss yun...well, at least i get to be updated thru friendster since most of them are already abroad.
i missed chipi's sale last saturday. i know you know the reason why...:=)
i'm going back to office this coming monday. :=( I'm back to reality...I'm gonna miss Toni during the day...
Anyway, midge's birthday is fast approaching,,, so excited na!

till then,


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