Monday, February 13, 2017

Our Kombi's Brush with Fame

There has been some buzz lately about Jollibee's ads. Some were turned off by the overt sentimentality, while others thought the ads nailed it. I don't have a TV anymore so I had no idea what everybody was talking about until my husband posted something on Facebook about McDonald's winning the ad wars without any effort. I commented that I didn't get it, so he had to explain about some people noticing that Jollibee's "The Vow" ad is strongly reminiscent of an ad McDonald's showed back in 2009. It was most likely coincidental, but because people are curious, the old McD's ad is getting a lot of attention too.

I'm the type to prefer funny commercials to mushy ones, although I've been known to cry over some really touching ads. Of course, the things have to be masterfully done to move me or I'll just end up finding them annoying, but mainly, I don't really care about any other ads besides this.

Jollibee used our VW Kombi for their Framily Road Trip ad. We were so stoked the first time we saw it as a "Skip Ad" (that's what my daughter calls it) on YouTube. Naturally, we didn't skip it. :D It's so exciting to have a commercial model in the family, lol.

Our VW Kombi in a Jollibee Ad

And the ad barkada had the right idea. We intend to take the Kombi for a road trip soon. My husband and I have been talking about doing a lighthouse tour for a decade now, so maybe we'll finally do that. Maybe on our way to visit my sister-in-law who lives in Isabela. Maybe we'll take it all the way to Ilocos. Maybe. :) I wish there was a ferry to bring us all the way to Batanes. Does the RoRo include that route? I guess I'll have to do more research and planning so we can finally do that road trip. Gotta hustle. Summer's almost here. Good thing the Kombi's airconditioned.

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