Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Love Thy Neighbor (The View Blocker)

We live on top of a hill. One of the things we loved when we first moved into this house is that the windows in the second-floor rooms opened out to an awesome view. It would have extended indefinitely except that part of the Sierra Madre mountain range rose up in the horizon and made a nice border. 

Training our eyes lower and not to such a distance, we had a pretty good view of the neighborhood as well.

In the evening, I could sit in my bed, folding laundry or typing on my laptop (great way to give myself back issues), I could see the night sky, so if the moon is particularly beautiful, I could post about it on Facebook, urging others to check it out. Quite a number actually care about seeing a nice, big and bright moon.

Waking up in the morning, we could see a pretty good expanse of the sky without getting up from the bed. In the summertime, this wasn't such a good thing if you're not an early riser (cough, cough, my husband) because, come sunrise, we were suddenly awash in really bright light, so the curtains were drawn closed for these months.

Why did we have such an unobstructed view of the neighborhood and the horizon? Our next door neighbor built his house on the far side of his property and had a good-sized side yard. His roof wouldn't have even been level with the floor of our upper story.

That all changed, however, when he decided to make some money off his property and build townhouses edging the property line. Construction was delayed several times, but after more than a year, the rows are finally on their way to being completed. So, now, instead of a pleasant view, we are treated to this:

We can still see some sky right now, but we'd lose that too when the roof is installed, so no more effortless viewing of celestial displays for us. At any rate, it's not like we ever the have the windows on this side open these days. We don't want the construction workers to see into our rooms.

Thanks so much, kindly neighbor, blocker of views. Gotta stay positive though, Maybe the people who'll buy those townhouses will be awesome neighbors, and that will maybe make up for our loss of view. Maybe.

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