Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Visit from a Sunbird

Hi! I had a thrill yesterday morning that I wanted to share properly, but I can't because the camera wasn't ready... and well, it flew away. I was in the kitchen when I saw this strange bird in the garden. It wasn't really strange-looking since it was similar in size and coloring to our garden regulars. However, this thing hovered! And its beak was longer, thinner, curved and pointier. Its breast was also a pretty light green. My mom and our helper Giselle were also in the kitchen so I excitedly pointed the bird out to them. It was schmoozing with a less exciting sparrow. My mom got excited too and exclaimed, "Is that a hummingbird?" It certainly moved like one. I went to the bedroom to get the camera, but it didn't have a memory card and well, it didn't take much to make me give up. It did make me shoot my sleeping husband a dirty look, before I rushed back to the kitchen to tell Mom to use her phone instead (my own phone's batt was dead. I would have shot myself the same dirty look if I could -- you know, just to be democratic about it - but that's hard). Anyway, the bird had flown away by the time Mom got to the garden. We think it'll be back. So, I just went back to the bedroom to google Philippine hummingbirds. The closest I found was this (picture taken from Wikipedia):

If I'm right, then we saw a female purple sunbird. What a treat! I should really be on the lookout for the non-sparrow birds that show up around here. The last time I was able to take a good pic (it involved a Fischer's lovebird), I was able to post it here. Marguerite and I would spend more time in the garden, but it's crawling with caterpillars right now - some pretty things, but many of them itchy worms - so forget it. We're not about to go through this again!

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