Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our First Night Not Co-sleeping

Last night was Marguerite's first time to sleep on her own bed. She was looking forward to sleeping by herself, but she did ask for a cuddle before conditioning herself to sleep. She adjusted really well even though she's used to having me to snuggle against. I guess I was just too full of my own import; a pillow apparently does just as well, lol. So kudos to the kid who transitioned easily from the family bed to her own bed. It's her mom who's having some trouble adapting. Just tell her she'll get used to it when you see her. It's not actually the end of co-sleeping for us. We do have to start over with another baby, but I don't know, maybe Mark and I will feel that it's great to have all this sleeping space again. Maybe my back will threaten to give out on me if I dare to subject it again to that kind of treatment (getting bed space of about a foot in width - we do have a big enough bed, but if you have a kid who insists on lodging herself to your side, you're left with no room to wiggle). The baby does have a crib, you know. On the other hand, I do love co-sleeping even if my back doesn't. Anyway, Mark and I have a little over a month left to enjoy the wide bed, and Marguerite seems to really love having her own bed. Good times, lol.


Sharkbytes said...

I think she's ready to take this growing up step. I hear you about ending up with no space. The dog still does that to me some nights.

I remember some nights long ago with two adults, three dogs, and two small boys in one double bed.

Josh didn't come in very often, but Steve was almost always in bed with us before morning.

Chin Chin @ Stay at Home Blessings said...

Great progress for Margueritte. She's really growing and preparing to be a big sister. Praying for safe delivery.

spinninglovelydays said...

@Sharkbytes: Wow, + 2 boys and 3 dogs? That must have been really cozy, lol.

@Chin Chin: Thanks! :)