Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthing Dreams

I keep on having weird dreams about giving birth now. I’m 8 months along and I suppose it’s normal. The other night I had two such dreams in a row. I suppose I woke up sometime during the night because they had differing plots. The first one had me finding “show” (the mucus plug) in the bathroom and panicking that it was too early. For some reason, I couldn’t get to the hospital – you know, those stupid frustrations you have in dreams. In the second one, I had already given birth and was marveling at how fine I felt. And then, LOL, I explained it away as one of the differences between an epidural and a natural birth. I was all, “That’s why I was so out of it the other time, because I was drugged…” – like I had this epiphany, lol. I was really just sitting around shooting the breeze with my visitors, feeling really peachy keen. Dumb dreams. That’s how you get lulled into a false sense of security. I was so relieved at how easy it was that I felt wistful when I woke up, lol. It was so vivid too. I distinctly remember remarking on the asset tags on the hospital sheets, guerney, television… I wonder who in their right mind would try to bolt off with a TV. Anyway, it’s usually screwed on to the wall, so that should discourage the thieving minds.

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