Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Unintentionally Successfully Unschooling

I’ve been having some trouble keeping up with Marguerite’s homeschooling. I know I said I’d be loose about it anyway. Preschool for us would be more unschooling than anything else, but perhaps with a touch of Waldorf. However, yours truly has some trouble deschooling, so I’ve been sitting her down with some informal writing lessons, reading by recognition, arts and crafts, etc. But since I decided to take on more writing gigs, sigh, homeschooling around here has lost the structure that I was building (for myself to keep myself organized – not at all for Marguerite; she, on the other hand, is supposed to have rhythm – which, in fact, has sadly gone awry for the last couple of weeks). I suppose I’m just continually amazed at children’s capacity for learning. Despite my attempts at active teaching, it seems her learning really comes from exposure from doing stuff, from playing with educational toys, from (I confess guiltily, not because it’s a crime, but because I just really have so much guilt to spare) watching TV… My mom who’s been “all things preschool” (owner, directress, teacher…)sits her down to for some informal evaluative activities and she’s also amazed at some of the things Marguerite knows how to do. She’s doing really well for a kid with no formal schooling.

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