Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stuff Said During Car Rides

Marguerite is starting with the are-we-there-yets. We had to take a long-ish drive to a pool party in Lagro, QC (it was pretty far - not out-of-town far, but far for something within Metro Manila. I once asked a college friend where it was and she answered, "It's at the end of the world." She was not far wrong.) Saturday night and that's when it became very clear to me that my daughter has reached that stage. She has asked it before, of course, but I put it down to real curiosity. Last Saturday, as the drive got longer, she leaped from 5-minute-intervals to about 1-minute with the question.

On Sunday, we hung a right at the nearest golden arches and drove thru. There was a Grimace mascot at the parking lot and when we pointed it out to Marguerite, she said, "It's a giant purple hairball with a face!" I'd say, pretty accurate. We had a debate over what food or drink Grimace was supposed to represent. Mark kept on going "something ube (yam)". Oh right. Grimace is one of the early characters. Even if McD's has ethnic offerings in some places now, I don't think yam ever figured in the menu (not that I did any kind of research, so correct me if I'm wrong). Well, I googled and milkshake is the answer.


swirlyagelessmind said...

grimace doesn't look too milky to me. grape milkshake? probably blueberry huh? but really, he's really built more like a yam.

Mama Mia said...

Huh?! How can it represent milkshake? It's purple, and "grimacy". Labo! Hahaha! :)

spinninglovelydays said...

Well, he's not really supposed to be a milkshake, but he loves it. Kind of like how hamburglar doesn't look like a hamburger... :)