Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sorting Through M's Old Stuff

I spent Monday morning going through various Cardboard Boxes looking for baby stuff. I made some welcome discoveries, such as things I had thought were destroyed in the flood were actually in the second floor. That means an intact swing, baby bed and new born car seat. I also found an electric sterilizer, which I had thought I had already sold in one of the garage sales still here. Naturally, I found boxes and boxes of baby clothes. Mom was amazed that I had managed to save Marguerite’s almost entire infant wardrobe. Honestly, when I was putting them away for storage, I did have thoughts of Marguerite’s younger sibling using it someday. I suppose unconsciously I was hoping for or expecting a girl (simply because boys never figured much in the scheme of things here). I knew I put away stuff, but I had no idea to what extent, because I did give stuff away too. And yes, I got teary-eyed sorting through all those baby clothes, sniffling and thinking, where did time go? How did it happen that I have an almost 5-year-old instead of that tiny baby. Sigh. Hormones and natural sentimentality. Anyway, most of them (the baby things, not the hormones) will still be put to use since during the time before Marguerite’s birth and about two months later, most of the stuff we got for her was in neutral colors. We actually had lots of blue. Her crib was blue, the diaper bag was blue… After that, I realized that pink looked really sweet on baby girls (and that it made me hyperventilate to have somebody mistake my pretty baby girl for a boy) so a deluge of pink followed that short moment of neutrals. Having a baby boy will definitely be a novel experience. We spent Monday evening at the mall and went to check out the baby section. We didn’t need any of the usual stuff like strollers, playpens, car seats, etc. since we still have Marguerite’s, but it was still interesting to look around. Glancing at the price tags, I was so glad we’re already pretty well-equipped. Going through the clothes section, I realized I would now be shopping for chinos and polo shirts instead of dresses and blouses. I hope to remember to stay away from alligators.

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