Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cootie Catchers, Not the Paper Kind

I mentioned before that I had a recent infestation on my hands. That's right. Marguerite went to day camp and came home with an itchy head. I thought at first it was just nits, but to my horror I found some lice too. Cooties terrify me, but I had to get those things out. I bought a nit comb and started the massacre. I placed my harvest on strips of tape so that they wouldn't end up going back onto people's heads. It was a mild case, but that was bad enough for me, so I started searching for remedies. Mark wanted to use those treatment shampoos, but I didn't want harsh chemicals on my daughter's head, so I googled a natural and safe alternative and found out about Oilganics.

I was all set to buy some when I decided to google home remedies instead. I found a common method of eradicating the parasites (something akin to the gas chamber approach). You could use either olive oil, coconut oil (what I used), mayonnaise, or petroleum jelly. You're supposed to smear the scalp and hair with the thing and then cover the head with a shower cap for about two hours (longer if possible). Do several shampoos right after. The process is supposed to suffocate the disgusting creatures (both egg and critter). I'm not sure if it was really just such a mild case that it was that easy to solve, but I have to say I was really relentless. The enemy was completely vanquished in less than a week (right after the suffocation). Now, I kinda miss them. NOT! Now, I compulsively check Marguerite's head for signs of infestation after she plays with other kids (btw, her hair is always in tight French braids or twists now). I know it's obnoxious, but I'm not about to have a repeat of that episode. The shock, the panic... too much for me.

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