Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Boys Aplenty

Is there a pregnant woman out there who's going to have a girl? I was just wondering if there's something in the air or water or general global conditions that's making us conceive boys because ALL of the women I know who are pregnant (or who just gave birth) are having boys. Let's see...

Mark's uncle and his wife Donna had a boy in April.
My cousin April had a boy in May.
This blogger I follow Amy had a boy this month.
My cousin Florence is having a boy in July.
My friend Boomy is having a boy in August.
Our friend Emy is having a boy in September.

I know Natalie Portman had a boy. But wait. Jennifer Connelly just had a girl. How do I know this? By having a writing gig that focuses on entertainment news.

Anyway, here's an old article (from 2005, I think) that discusses the boy-girl ratio. It states that Filipino women are second only to the Chinese in having the highest ratio of boys to girls. I really couldn't feel this growing up. Or even in college. In the UP French Club during my time, there were about 5 boys in a membership of 30 and 2.5 of them were gay. Whatever I meant by 2.5 is left up to your imagination. So, yeah, more boys coming...


Nikka said...

There are 2 preggy women at my school who are having boys too!

spinninglovelydays said...

It's raining boys!