Thursday, May 12, 2011

Theater Stuff

I have an Irish friend who is another musical nut. Actually, we “met” in an egroup designed for fans of a certain Tony-award winning singer and actor. Location-wise, she has the advantage, of course, since she’s in the general vicinity of West End (relatively speaking, of course – you have to understand that I’m speaking as somebody who is far away from either London or New York). She is quite serious about being a fan too, so she has amassed through the years theater collectibles that should prove to be valuable to, well, other theater buffs. This is stuff that deserves an account with wincantonrecordsmanagementireland. She probably wouldn’t want to lose it in a flood or to a theater fan besieged with kleptomania. I don’t think I have anything of worth myself, except maybe a table napkin that Lea Salonga once used when she was in high school (this is a joke, okay?). We do have an okay theater scene here in Manila. We have a few theater groups, plus the universities, of course. It’s nothing like Manhattan, to be sure, where you could catch a show and actually have quite a selection to choose from on and off Broadway, but the talent, I am convinced, is just as remarkable and plentiful here. There have been attempts to make theater more accessible to the masses, but I don’t know. The average Filipino seems to have tastes that run toward telenovelas more than theater. Oh well.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I love theatre, but can't afford to even go to the local offerings, so I can't complain that there aren't enough.

spinninglovelydays said...

Same here. Why does culture have to be so high-priced?