Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'll Tell You in a Week

Just one more week before we find out the baby’s gender. Mark and I don’t have a preference, but everybody else is wishing we have a boy this time (because we already have a perfect little girl). If I’m inclined to hope slightly that it’s a girl (and as soon as I acknowledge that, I’m quick to think that a boy would be nice too), that’s just me being all practical and hoping to get to use some of Marguerite’s stuff again (although Mom is quick to point out, “A baby boy can totally wear a pink onesie… at home.”) or wimpy and worrying about having to raise a boy and deal with boy stuff (like circumcision, lol – I’ve never really had much chance to deal with boys. It’s just my sister and myself, and then most of my youth was spent in an all-girls school…). Marguerite vacillates a lot and doesn’t really understand it much anyway, but at the moment, she claims she wants a baby brother. I think, though, that she’s just being influenced by what other people say. Anyway, I really ought to get my pregnancy stuff out of storage. I know I have clothes there I can definitely use now. I think those were spared from the flood (oh, but that baby calendar of firsts I painstakingly made and diligently filled with notes! Next time, I’ll put them away in a safer place, somewhere like storage Bolton area). I have to start scrapbooking again and writing a notebook of letters. Sigh, I’m less inclined to do that now with the second baby, which makes me infinitely guilty, of course. You should see all my resolutions and reminders for myself (listed, of course) when I finally have two kids. They come attached with a fervent prayer for help.


Sharkbytes said...

I managed a baby book for Steve (of course he was our only baby), but my dedication to family scrapbooks was due to Josh. His inability to form long-term memory made it important to establish family history.

spinninglovelydays said...

That would have definitely made it more imperative to record and document. You must enjoy going through all those scrapbooks now.