Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Never Asked Me to Explain My Love for Kenny Loggins

I'll tell you why I'm a huge fan of Kenny Loggins. I will, really. Okay, here I go. The thing is I loved Footloose the movie when I was a kid. I had a mild crush on Kevin Bacon back in the day and for some reason I just really loved the movie (take note that I was a non-movie-going, non-dancing, made-to-feel-guilty-over-listening-to-WORLDLY-songs pentecostal -- oh, and a pastor's kid to boot -- you have to know the plot of the movie to understand why I'm blathering about this) and I loved the song. Of course, Kevin Bacon soon became one of the most convincing villains out there, kind of like Ray Liotta (thanks to Jessica Zafra, my sister Chip and I do yell out "Bad guy! Bad guy!" every time we see him in a movie).  *Durr. I just deleted about 5 sentences because I went on and on about Kevin Bacon.*
Anyway, slightly later, I saw Kenny Loggins' Redwoods concert and loved it. I still love it. Even way after that young son of his who gave him a towel grew up to win that MTV reality singing show about rock stars' brats. Years after I first saw the concert (on TV) and fell in love with the song my mom called "Even though we ain't got money" (Danny's Song), I started dating a boy who later gave me a DVD copy of that concert. I married that boy some 8 years after I first met him and we played Danny's Song at our wedding because, don't gag, that was my song to him. I'd always felt that song deeply. We were in college, post-college... he was a musician, I was a writer. We weren't going to get rich. And then somehow, he found himself being semi-yuppie (because web design was a cool job, not at all stuffy) and I was teaching, and we had like real jobs, guiltily feeling like sellouts, but it got easier to sing Danny's Song because there was actually money, more than we needed. So, as you know, we got married and then I got pregnant and we decided I'd quit my job and stay home. Our child came and Danny's Song still applied really well, but it also took on a deeper meaning because as you know, the song is actually about the birth of Kenny's brother's (Danny) son. I have vivid memories of me singing this in the early mornings to a newborn Marguerite. But besides that, of course, we also sang or played for our little baby Kenny's "Return to Pooh Corner", which is an awesome song in my opinion, great for both children and adults. So yeah, I was loving Kenny even more. The thing is, you never felt the pinch of economy and grown-up matters (like *shudder* finance) you were convinced never to have anything to do with until you had a child of your own. That's why having children is for grown-ups! So anyway, like some epiphany, I one day realized that we were really living Danny's Song. Today, some years later when another child is on the way, I remarked with some wonder to Mark that, hey, we're poorer (used loosely because, you know, God always provides and his blessings are always more than enough - just "poor" comparatively speaking) than ever and yet happier than ever. And then it occurred to me that you do have to put some thought into the songs you think you want to apply to your life. Or maybe you like those songs because you are who you are. It's a chicken and egg argument, so it's futile to go into that. But what if I had liked "Material Girl" or something like it? Well, it would have been a totally different life then. But this life suits who I am just fine. Danny's Song has a lot of figurative language in it and it took me years and experiences to learn exactly what stuff like beta chi was. Or that girl who holds the world in a paper cup! And I should have paid attention to that one. The thing is, I never fancied myself as that type of girl (mainly because I didn't know what it meant), but it seems I am. In a way. Mark is "lucky", hee.
My point is that, in this family, even though we ain't got money, we are rich in love and faith and peace and joy... we are abundantly blessed. Here's a video of Kenny performing the song in Santa Barbara back in '81. (I was all of 5 years old!) I would have preferred the Redwoods one, but I can't find any on YouTube (not of Danny's Song). Anyway, what's with the prison garb, or was that the fashion back then?

People smile and tell me I'm the lucky one, and we've just begun,
Think I'm gonna have a son.
He will be like she and me, as free as a dove, conceived in love,
Sun is gonna shine above.

And even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with ya honey,
And everything will bring a chain of love.
And in the morning when I rise, you bring a tear of joy to my eyes,
And tell me everything is gonna be alright.

Seems as though a month ago I beta chi, never got high,
Oh, I was a sorry guy.
And now a smile, a face, a girl that shares my name,
Now I'm through with the game, this boy will never be the same.

(To chorus:)
Pisces, Virgo rising is a very good sign, strong and kind,
And the little boy is mine.
Now I see a family where there once was none, now we've just begun,
Yeah, we're gonna fly to the sun.

(To chorus:)

Love the girl who holds the world in a paper cup, drink it up,
Love her and she'll bring you luck.
And if you find she helps your mind, buddy, take her home,
Don't you live alone, try to earn what lovers own.

(To chorus:)


Anonymous said...

Like you, I also like Kevin Bacon and then he became a villain....and I still like him even more coz he portrays villain roles so great.

I'm not into Kenny Loggins but I'm familiar with the song. It is true that money does not make one rich...and you're fortunate to be blessed by our rich, powerful, gracious, faithful God.

spinninglovelydays said...

He's definitely one of the best character actors of our time.

Nikka said...

He'll be here in May.

spinninglovelydays said...

I saw the ads! I've never attended a concert pregnant though. Anyway, I don't think there will be slamdancing or mosh pits in this concert, lol.