Friday, April 8, 2011

Peter Mayle Imagery

As you know, I have to settle for stay-cations for the time being, so in the meantime, I’ll simply save up money for the European vacation that I’ve been dreaming of pretty much since I was still in Paris myself about to board the flight home to Manila at the Charles de Gaulle. At that time, I didn’t get to see much of anything outside of Paris. I would have liked to stay longer, but I was starting work at a new school and had already missed the faculty orientation, in fact. Anyway, when I go back, I would not make the mistake of doing Euro Disney again. That was a HUGE waste (not a complete waste, of course, but still a huge one – does that make sense?). A whole day just there (and it’s not that much different from Disneyland, except of course the colors were more subdued and the rides wilder) when I could have gone to Montmartre, Versailles, etc. I would not have had time to go to Provence and if I were to visit the area anyway, I would prefer to stay for at least a month. Ever since I started reading Peter Mayle, I’d been looking up Provence Villas to see if I would ever be able to afford to rent one (off season, of course). I’d go truffling, traipsing across the lavender fields, etc. Well, it’s obviously still a dream. In the interim, I’ll just add another quarter in the coin bank.

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