Saturday, April 23, 2011

Marguerite "Swimming"

Hi. They went swimming yesterday. I was there, but I mostly just sat around stuffing my face. I still have to gather pictures of my daughter from various people's cameras since we couldn't use ours. Mark packed the thing (this is a big production that involves charging several batteries for the camera and the flash, choosing which lenses to bring, etc.), but with all the chunkier doodads he had to remember to bring along, he forgot a tiny little object called a memory card... This reminds me of the time when Marguerite was a baby and we'd go someplace nice. We'd go home and I'd start going through the shots taken. My blood would then slowly begin to boil as I beheld about 5 measly pictures of the baby and about 200 of things like doorknobs, ashtrays, light bulbs...

Anyway, here are two pics from yesterday (thanks to Jenny, a youth from our church ... incidentally, I was Jenny's teacher in nursery school many years ago. She's already starting college in June. These kids grow up just to make you feel old.):

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Sharkbytes said...

Happy little water baby!