Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Inner Italian

I have a friend in the Department of Foreign Affairs who is currently assigned in Rome. It would be lovely to visit her there and see the rest of Italy as well. Somewhere in my mutt make-up is some Italian blood that expresses itself in the form of pizza and pasta cravings (in that case, we must all have an inner Italian in all of us). I thought of majoring in Italian at one point, but I thought it wouldn’t be the most practical option as to my knowledge Italy and Switzerland were the only nations that spoke Italian (I could be wrong – I never bothered to verify. Anyway, I majored in Spanish and that turned out all right.). My dad has a very smart (aleck) way of establishing his connection with Italy. You see, his given name is Cesar (Caesar) so he was obviously an important figure in the Roman Empire. His last name is Papa (Pope), which makes him a prominent figure in the Vatican. He would feel right at home in Italy. I hope he and my mom can go on a tour there one of these days, stay in sardinia villas, visit Venice, sing “That’s Amore” in Naples, etc.

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