Friday, April 29, 2011

From the Royal Wedding to Hair Gripes

Hi! I don't really care that much about the royal wedding, but I bet I'm tuning in. I'm the same way with beauty pageants. I don't care for them, but find me with nothing to do and I'll watch the thing. Okay, that's a lie. Of late, I get so bored with them that I'd rather just not do anything. Well, the royal wedding is definitely more interesting. I was in preschool when Charles and Diana got married. I think my mom dragged me to the salon to get me a Lady Di haircut. I hated it. I preferred my long hair that I, of course, never combed (which was ammunition for mothers hellbent on chopping off all your hair just because it's less trouble for them). She also made me get a haircut called "siete", which had me weeping at its ugliness for so long that she consequently had to buy me a bike to atone for the wrong she had done me. This is the same woman who sported something really butch that they called a "barber's cut". I don't really remember much about these things except the uuuuuuuuuuugliness of it all!


emszee said...

It's Demi Moore in Ghost movie who started the barber's cut not Princess all her pics on the net..:)

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi! I didn't say Princess Di's hair was the one called the "barber's cut". It's much too long for that atrocity with the shaved hairline. In any case, my mom had that style in the '80s way before Ghost came out. I think I was in grade school when that style was all the rage. It was revived when I was a high school sophomore, but less awful looking a la Demi's hair in Ghost. :)