Friday, April 8, 2011

Constraints of Modern Living Getting You Down?

I can relate. There are gadgets all over our bedroom - iPad, a couple of laptops, blackberries, camera stuff... It's kind of depressing. I just want to run away screaming... and just keep on running until I get to a place called 1987 where our phone had a party line (ours consisted of a pugnacious Chinese man who ran a shop two streets over -- party lines were poisonously fun) and I was asking for my own typewriter because I wanted to become a writer... Does anybody else feel that way? Maybe you want to go farther back. I wouldn't blame you.

Mark is going to some godless circuit racing thing on Sunday (I'm doing my prune face as I write this). On the Lord's day! (imagine me gathering with Miss Marple and the other old ladies of St. Mary Mead as we head off to the vicarage with our latest complaint) I told him last night - in a waspish leaky-faucet nagging wife manner, "Since you're off gallivanting in Subic on Sunday, you better spend all of Saturday with us!" Mark gave his sheepish smile (he never snipes back or rebels at my belligerence -- that is, almost never) and mumbled something about having to take the car to the shop again. "Cars!" I howled in raging fury. "If I had the power, I would ban all cars and make us all go back to using horses!" I said, thoughtlessly forgetting that I practically can't get anywhere without being driven there. Mark just crowed triumphantly that it would just mean that he'd be giving the horse a shampoo that day. What he has forgotten is that between the two us, I'm the one who's a great deal crazier about horses, so I wouldn't mind...


carinamodella said...

you're right! despite of how modern and how techy the gadgets today, you'll still miss those simple things and activities that you use and do during the old days.
thanks for visiting and commenting on my site :)

spinninglovelydays said...

Isn't it a wonder? Technology simultaneously makes things easier and more complicated, lol