Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time to Give PPC Another Shot?

I suppose many bloggers out there also do the pay per click gigs. I tried it before when Marguerite was just a baby and several moms in my birth club (mainly those who were also stay-at-home) recommended some programs. Note: Birth clubs can be really helpful, but beware of what putting together a bunch of postpartum women can also elicit, lol… Anyway, to go back to PPC, I tried out a few sites, but at that time, I was writing content management system manuals (as well as contributing articles for a national daily) and was getting okay money from that, so I ditched the attempt, thinking there was a better way for me to spend my time online. I had also come across cautionary tales about requests for cashout being ignored and programs suddenly closing… Anyway, I have yet to try it again. The good, legit programs have established their names by now and I know many find these sites to be providers of a few welcome dollars for very little effort. I guess it also helps those who avail of this marketing technique. If you’re looking for clicks, then it’s prudent to go with a trusted ppc agency. It’s a nice concept behind these programs anyway. They help both the clicker and clickee.

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Vera said...

Hi Ivy! I tried PPCs too - I zeroed in one that looked promising at the time. I was very diligent, but I never got the payout I was waiting for. Blech. I stopped. And I never went back to PPC.

Good luck if you're really trying again, and do share the better PPC sites out there :)