Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rashes, Pregnancy and Immunization

Marguerite has a rash and it was my fault. Mark applied sunblock on her last Saturday since he was taking her to the playground, but when they got home, Marguerite fell asleep before I could properly wash off the sunblock. I didn't want to leave the thing on her skin though, so I used wipes. Somehow, the ingredients in the wipes didn't mesh well with those in the sunblock and my poor daughter ended up with a rash. I was pretty sure it was just an allergic reaction, but since I'm pregnant, I wanted to be sure. I took her to the pedi for the reassurance and got that and more. As you know, I very selectively vaccinate, so Marguerite didn't get shots for the usual childhood diseases. However, her new pedi strongly recommends getting the measles vaccine and since I'm pregnant  and can't remember having had German measles as a child, she suggests getting the MMR vaccine. I've discussed this with Mark and he's agreed to go for it. Sigh. But didn't we say we wouldn't get the combos anymore (we got the 5-in-1), and wasn't the MMR vaccine the one associated with cases of autism? Hoo boy. Here we go again with the immunization debate. I'm frankly sick of it, but it's an important issue. Nothing else to do but pray for wisdom.


Sharkbytes said...

You are too young to remember the many bad things associated with those diseases. I hope you go for the vaccine. I personally don't thing that the link to autism is very conclusive. You must make your own decision, of course.

spinninglovelydays said...

We've actually decided to go for it. Anyway, she's past 2 yrs of age.