Friday, March 25, 2011

Marguerite Called Somebody a Tool

Yesterday Marguerite told me, "I have the hiccups," adding, "just like Felipe." Not knowing this Felipe, I inquired, "Who's Felipe?" whereupon my daughter replied, "He's a tool." I was taken aback. I know she's at the age when kids like experimenting with swear words, but since she has yet to encounter those 4-letter bombs, that's not really something I worry about. Our version of this stage is pretty limited to "Shut up" and "Oh my God", which admittedly do slip out from my tongue from time to time.  "Tool" may not be a cuss word, but it's still rude. I was confused, I don't think I've ever called anybody a tool in front of Marguerite and it's one of the words I've consciously been avoiding since I confess I could be quite loose about name-calling famous people. Anyway, thinking I must have misheard, I verified, "Did you say Felipe's a tool?" Marguerite replied in the affirmative. I mulled this over before it finally dawned on me that Felipe was one of Handy Manny's tools. He's a real tool - a screwdriver, I believe. Now what is wrong with me that when I hear "tool", I immediately think of its pejorative definition?


Sharkbytes said...

A screwdriver is always handy to have around. Maybe if I named my tools I wouldn't lose them.

spinninglovelydays said...

That it is!