Thursday, January 13, 2011

That's Why Blinds Go Up and Down

Above the sink kitchen windows require some thought. I personally love them. I like looking out the window while doing the dishes. I can see the flowers and the birds, so I get entertained while taking care of that boring chore. One time I was washing the dishes at my aunt’s house and a red and yellow bird flew past. It was such a bright little thing, so I quickly tugged the cord of the roller blinds to make them roll all the way up so I could see where the bird headed. It went to the orange tree. I decided the dishes could wait, so I went to the backyard to watch. A distraction, I know, but I didn’t want to miss out. In my mom’s kitchen, we hear birdsong all the time and through the window above the sink, we can see which creatures are serenading us. Above the sink windows, on the other hand, are not that helpful at night, if you have a very rich imagination and have been in a camp where a person was washing dishes and somebody who clearly had nothing to do suddenly popped up right outside the window while shining a flashlight under his chin. In that case, the roller blinds can just be down. That’s it for now. Sorry for the disjointed post. I feel nauseated.

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swirlyagelessmind said...

We're so used to mayas but I've never actually heard one make a sound...weird. I think the bird(whose species we're not sure of) that often visits our garden brought along a friend today...they were making "It Might As Well Be Spring" sounds.:)