Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Remembering That Call Center Lounge

Have I ever mentioned here that I tried call center work in the past? Back then, call centers were relatively new in the Philippines. I lasted about three months before I conveniently had to go the US. As you can probably tell, this was back in the days when they still hadn’t thought of the one-year bond thing. I have to admit though that I was pretty bratty about it. It was nothing to me to succumb to depression and the shifting schedule, the endless barrage of problems (they didn’t call me to chat, you know), the hours in front of the computer with a headset on (me, not the computer), etc. got to me. I couldn’t eat. I was so stressed. Not at all a night owl, I thought it was highly unnatural to be going to the office just when most people were heading home for dinner. When I think about that time, I remember myself sitting at the lounge during my “lunch break” at 11 pm, toying with the vertical blinds (Is it just me or do offices really prefer vertical blinds? Maybe they're better for wall-length, floor-to-ceiling windows...) while looking at the cars whizzing past 20 stories below, and making my mind up to just get out of there. Of course, I was young and had little accountability to anybody. If I were in that situation now, I would probably think about our financial obligations and just suck it up.

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